8 ball Pool:


Here we are going to discuss one of the most interesting and entertaining Android game off all time. WE are going to discuss the most suitable game for all ages and we are going to present to you the 8 ball pool. The most entertaining Android was introduced back in 2010. The game was developed by miniclip. 8 ball pools have been loved by most of the billions of Android users all around the world. With that said, we do not mean that this game is only limited for Android users. The game is also available for iOS users as well. Most of the teenagers have loved this game and played this game for most of their free time at their home. The creators have termed this game as the biggest and the most entertaining online pool game that has been released so far.

How to connect:

Just like most of the other top quality games in the market. The 8 ball pool game is also providing a lot option to its users for loging into their 8 ball pool game. The game offers you extensive option for connecting your game account. Here we go:

Login with Google Play:

So, if you donot want to waste your time in creating your new account for enjoying the game. So, all you need to do is to click on the button with above heading. You will be directed with options that which account do you want to use.

Login with MiniClip ID

The best part about this game is that if you are having Miniclip ID then you can easily login with that id. So that you can easily continues where you left previously.

Login With Facebook

Here you will get another interesting option that will allow you to continue your progress where you left or you can simply start from beginning. Login with Facebook will allow you to play with your real identity on Facebook.

Play as Guest:

So if you donot like to avail all that option mentioned above. You can quickly press the Play as Guest button if you donot want to reveal your identity.


8 ball pool is allowing a lot stunning features that will amaze you. The amazing features of this interesting game are the basis of its huge success and demand. Just like numerous other top trending games, this pool games provides you attractive features that makes this game more attractive. This is the reason that this game is loved billions of user all around the world.


One of most important aspect of this pool game is coins. Or, you can say that this one is the basic pillar of this game. Because most of the deals and even you can participate in games. You are required to use coins as bet to start the game. Similarly, your opponents will have to pay some bucks, as the combined sum of coins will be given to winner of game. Moreover, with the help of coins you can also upgrade sticks.


The high quality of sticks ensures the utmost performance of you during game. Because, the highly upgraded stick will allow you to make a perfect shot. Moreover, you can easily make a perfect and stylish shot easily. As well as you can stun your opponent with your skills.


Level of your account in the game suggests your seniority as well as your experience. This means that whenever you win a game, you will get xps that will increase your level in the game. Moreover, the no of XPs also depends upon the type of game and difficulty, you are going to play. So, if you spend some more coins, which mean you, are going to play a more difficult game level. As a result you  will get a lot of XPs depending upon the win or loss.

Add coins:

Just like most of the other online games, the 8 ball pool game allows you to spend some real world money for adding more coins. So, when you spend some more money, you will be getting millions of game coins. Once you get millions of coins, you will be able to perform different operations with ease. You can be able to bet more high level games and in return can increase you level as well. As cited above, you can easily update your stick and can make flashy shots easily.

Play With friends:

So you might have observed that most of the top trending games over the internet allow you to play your game with your friends and family. But, you might be thinking that how it is possible. After logging in via your Facebook account, you will have an option to challenge you online friends. Moreover, the friends will be able to send and receive gifts from you.

Game modes:

There are two game modes in 8 ball pool game. Donot get me wrong, just read the forthcoming statements. The online mode requires you to use internet and enjoy the game. Whereas the offline version allows you to play solely or play with friend sitting next to you.

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