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Travelling has been always a problem for human beings. When humans were evolving then they only had animals to travel on and that was problematic because animals require food and water just as humans do and for this reason journey was tiresome and long because both animals and the person had to rest after travelling for some time. World innovated and the technology took place. We saw train tracks being laid, cars on the road and aeroplanes in the sky with people flying from one place to another in no time. Travelling was made easy due to the mechanical engines and trains and vehicles whose sole purpose was to serve under the control and fuel of human beings.

In Pakistan, not everybody owned their vehicles and had to depend on the local transport to travel from one place to another in order to travel from one place to another within minimum amount of time. This journey in local transport is very hectic due to a lot of rush and hustle and bustle of people I the local buses and vans. It is almost impossible for a person to breathe within such environment. The other alternate to travel in Pakistan is taxis. People had their own cars with a symbol of taxi on their bonnets to show people that they are available for hire. People hired taxis to travel from one place to another safely and if they have a lot of luggage then most taxis have metal rooftops to tie the luggage onto and to move on to their planned destination.

Pakistan was in a dire need of a very safe and luxury taxi service that was safe and comfortable at the same time. The dire need was due to the fact that at certain places or time intervals, there are no taxis around and a person had to walk or wait for a taxi to arrive and this wait could exceed from an hour to a whole night.


Careem is a taxi service that can be operated from your mobile phone application and you can call and hire a taxi from anywhere in the city. All a person needs is to make a careem acoount by entering your phone number and password and them where ever you are, you just have to select the type of car you need and the location at which the driver will be come. The application will automatically alert the nearby rider to reach at that specific location to pick you up and soon you will travelling safely in a luxury car that is very light on your pocket and offers many services such as AC in the summers and heater in the winters to ensure the comfort of the customers

Conventional Taxi:

The question that arises here is that why taxis were being replaced by the careem taxi services and what exactly was the problem of people with the taxis? The answer to this question is that the technology and innovation was demanding an update in the taxi service. This was not the whole reason for this shift in the whole taxi service, the real reason was that the taxi drivers had made a whole taxi mafia and were almost looting people for the fares because a person has no other option and the taxi drivers were demanding the fare of their own will in accordance to provide the service.

Careem ended all of their mafia and provided a taxi service that is safe and easy on fare. When you look at it from all the angles then you realise that how many services this careem provided in order to ensure that customer is having a good ride home.


Pakistani women are always afraid of travelling in the taxis because of many rape events that have occurred in the past and the justice was served but still people are not considering taxis as a very safe service for travelling that is the reason whenever a female from a house has to go somewhere then the some male member of the house has to accompany her in her journey in order to ensure safety. Pakistan has moved on from all the dilemmas but still this concept is the root part of the Pakistani society. Careem ensures the safety of their customers and they allow them to relax in their house. Women can be seen even as the drivers of this careem taxi service and this has been a great. If you are looking for a comfortable ride around the town in Pakistan then all you need to do is call careem because it offers the same feature as taxi but it is safe and ensures comfort with the music of your won choice. Careem is the best taxi service in the Pakistan.


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