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People have been falling over movies since the last century. It’s so long ago when the first motion picture was introduced to the world and not so long when the first cinema was introduced among the people to be addicted to. Entertainment has been a way of humans to show that how they free and to save themselves from the burdensome social obligations of everyday life. Humans love to entertain themselves and others and for this purpose they have paid special attention to everything related to the industries that promoted entertainment. Cinemas flourished in the previous century and people from all over the world were falling over the cinemas and movies.

Every weekend people went with their loved ones to watch the movies and to celebrate their free time from the entire burden some routine and to freshen up themselves from the grinding work that they have been included in for the past week. Soon the innovation and technology brought up to the point where every movie was available on CD and DVD and people set up their own mini theatres in their homes to watch movies and to live freely from going to the cinemas and to buy tickets while they can just stay in their homes and sit in their bed and watch their favourite films of their own choice.

This was the blessing of the innovation that it made the lives of human easy but innovation didn’t stop here because it was here to make the life of humans more and more easy until they won’t have to move single finger and all of their work will have been done in a single blink of an eye. Soon it happened and internet took over the field of the technology and was handed over the responsibility to entertain people. All the movies, music and entertainment industry was shifted to the internet from where people didn’t even have to buy movies and they could simply download their favourite stuff from the internet and watch in their homes while sitting on their computers or laptops.

To the surprise of humans, technology didn’t even stop here because it has to serve its purpose at making the life of humans easy. Mobile applications were introduced for the websites and very soon we saw that YouTube was available as an application in the mobile phones to watch the videos and programs on the go and it was the first video sharing platform in the world.

Today, in this article, I am here to present to you the remarkable application with the name of Netflix that is acting as a cinema of the modern world and is providing people with all the movies and shows that people love.


Netflix was created in 1997 and it didn’t gain much popularity back then but today in the modern world we see that there are many things that are available on Netflix that have been reason for the sudden fame of the Netflix.

The first reason for its fame is the Netflix original movies and shows that are great movies but to the bad luck of people are only available on Netflix and not even in cinemas people are forced to buy an account on Netflix to entertain themselves with all the movies and seasons.

It is a movie and TV series sharing website and mobile application which allows people to watch movies without any difficulty and is widely accepted by the world due to the variety of movies and shows. Netflix original movies are available only on Netflix and the high rated shows such as ‘stranger things’ have gained so much fame that people from all around the world have signed up for Netflix and every year are waiting for the new season to be uploaded.

Mobile application:

Mobile application in the smart phones of the people is also available for both iOS and the android. People can enjoy their favourite seasons and movies on the go and can even download their favourite movies to watch when they go to a place where there is no internet connection. Mobile phones are an essential part of the everyday life of human beings and the recent psychoanalysis shows that mobile phones are considered as a limb of human beings and without their mobile phones humans feel in complete and can’t work properly. Netflix is now available on the mobile phones and making the human life easier is now a task of Netflix. When a person is in the washroom or taking a break during the work then you don’t need to carry your laptops while you can watch your favourite shows without any physical hindrance on your smart phones. If you are a person who is looking to experience watching movies and your favourite TV shows without any effort then all you have to do is to download Netflix and sign up through your credit card and you are good to go into the world of movies and entertainment.

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