Film Industry and Nepotism


Films and movies have been an integral part of the world and people have relied on the for so long that there is no doubt that without the movies and series people will go mad because they depend so much on these movies. Entertainment has been always appreciated by humans because through this humans get to take their mind off of their daily burdensome social obligations that have made their life like a deep dark abyss in which they are continuously falling without an end and no chance of escape. Life is cruel we have been hearing it since we were very little and our fathers and the male members of the society have been telling us that we have to work an stay motivated because the minute we lose our hope and strength, this world is going to eat us live in a blink of an eye and nothing could stop it.

Ever since we have been working our arse off and when we are tired, we try to distract ourselves through the movies and other entertainment in order to refresh ourselves for another grind of the world. movie industry have been flourishing ever since and the world has seen many great actors such as Leonardo decaprio and mark hamil who have shown the world that movies are more than acting and it is the way of showing people that how world is and what it can be if we keep doing or stop doing the things that we do today. Actors are replaced by more actors and actresses have been casted in the movies only because they are so beautiful or too ugly to maintain a role of female villain.

Now we will dig right into the concept of nepotism that we are witnessing on a huge scale and are crippling the film industry once and for all.


At first people were casted in films due to their talent and now they are only casted because some huge member of the society has ordered to do so or they are sons or daughters of some previous film starts. Offspring cannot have the talents of his father or mother but the film industry doesn’t understand that and very soon we will see that film industry will cripple to its knees because movies being produced are not good enough and there is not much character to the film stars because they only possess good looks and the talents is absent from their performance.


Bollywood is the only industry where the rate of cases of nepotism is up to 90 percent and all the actors and actresses that are being casted in new debut movies are either son of some big film star or daughter of a humongous business man who is paying for the production of the film. Films don’t work that way and this absence of nepotism has lead people to believe that bollywood film industry is no more because there is no creativity in the movie and only rookie actors and actresses are ruining the future of this film industry. Actors like Tiger Shroff who is only a son of Jackie shroff and no big star himself is not an actor. He can be a very good athlete and dancer but acting is not his piece of cake because he can’t even act. He possesses the qualities of a stuntman and nothing more. This nepotism has been crippling movie industries for so long that now if bollywood film industry didn’t take appropriate steps to end this then they will have to suffer a lot of consequences.


Hollywood film industry has been successful when it comes to the case of nepotism because they have been casting people only on the base of their talent. It is snot possible that nepotism don’t exist at all but the thing is that it’s not that much prevalent in the Hollywood film industry and we see that these movies have been an integral part of the academy award winners and people saw that great actors like Leonardo decaprio and many other greatest actors of the world have been living free from this concept to become actors. Jaden smith was son of will smith and he chose to become an actor because he wished to become so but if he was in bollywood then he had been casted as an actor by his own father because that way he can reach to a social status in his life.


Nepotism is almost part of every film industry and this is prevalent in industries because the talent is not considered as their priority. Bollywood don’t have talent as their priority and so we can see that they are facing decline but Hollywood on the other side is facing no such problem and their movies are loved among all the people in the world.


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