Food Panda


Food is the basic need of human beings and since the beginning o the time humans have been fighting over food for the survival. All the wars and fights have been over the resources to get rich and have more food and wine and lust. Everything has been about food because there was not enough to feed the people due to ongoing droughts and famines that were regularity in the ancient times. People have been trying to innovate food as well and now many recipes are present that were not there in the past because people were not aware of them that this can be prepared by applying certain tricks and techniques.

A time came when industrially engineered food was getting common in the race of humans because the people were increasing day by day and there were too many mouths to feed but less organic sources of food to end the world hunger. People were even migrating from one place o another to have better resources of getting food. these industrially engineered foods fulfilled their purpose as food but are not ideal nutrition for the body as this has limited the lifespan of the humans and the people who used to live up to 100 years are now only living up till forty years and they get infected or fall ill due to some disease caused by the same industrially engineered foods.

Let’s not talk about the late history and come straight to the amazing mobile application that is in the spotlight today. What if I tell you that you can order phone by just selecting the food you want to eat and in the next forty to forty five minutes the food will be delivered to your house? Amazing right? The answer to this questions us the famous application that is effective at its peak in Pakistan is Food Panda. This is a mobile application that lets you order anything from your nearby restaurants and allows you to taste the delicacies just in forty minutes.

Food panda:

This application was started in 2017 and people fell over for this application because of its delivery system and all the discounts that it offers from your favourite restaurants in no time. Food is delivered as quickly as possible in no time. All you have to do is download the application from the application store of your mobile phone and open the app. You will have to put your mobile details and exact address in the options so that rider many not find any difficulty in bringing you the food while it is still hot and fresh.


When it comes to safety then food panda is your option because it provides you food wit full guarantee that it won’t be touched by any other person once it is packed and safely brings food to your house. For the people who are a bit paranoid or think that someone is going to kill them then this application is the best solution for all of your paranoia because the riders make sure that they don’t stop at any point of let any other person handle the food because your safety is their first priority.

Served hot:

People who don’t like the delivery system because they think that food will get cold until it reaches their house then don’t worry people because food panda riders are provided with hot bags that makes sure that your food is safe and hot when it reaches your doorstep because cold food is not food at all. Many people don’t prefer such services only due to the following reason  but unlike any other delivery boxes, the food panda delivery boxes are sealed pack and have an outer layer of wool and cotton that makes sure that the food is hot and fresh when it reaches the taste buds of your mouth.

24 hour service:

Many food delivery services are not running 24 hour service but what if you get hungry at 3am and are watching any movie on Netflix series and nothing is available to eat in your kitchen. People think that there is no solution to this problem but food panda has come forward with all the solutions and it is offering all the food delivery services 24/7 in the time period. So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is download the mobile application for food panda on your mobile phones and make an account by entering your mobile phone and address and select the food that you are craving form any nearby restaurant or fast food outlet. The food will be delivered to you in no time and with full safety while it is still hot and fresh to eat. People from all over the world just love this application and it has received a lot of appreciation due to its services.


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