People love news and especially old men and women are reading newspapers and sitting in front of TV all day while listening to the news. Youngsters are not really interested in listening to the news, still in the race against time to survive and succeed; they have to stay updated to whatever is happening around the world. staying up-to-date from all the happenings of the world has a significant position in the life of a person because it provides him with a perception an ideology that which direction his life is supposed to move and how e is actually moving it. For this purpose there were newspapers and after that TV sets took their place in the name of innovation.

When people got tired of watching news on the TV set and especially the youngsters who were looking for an easy way to stay updated from all the current happenings, the world was in dire need of a system that could provide the people with all the news on the go and they could easily stay up to dated without any hindrance. Internet came forward with the agreement to provide all the news on the go and took the mantle of the media news provider with in no time and soon the world was depending upon internet for reading of the news and newspapers and even watching news on the channels.

After the internet now people were getting tired of all the searching and the biased opinion of all the channels that had their own interpretation for every problem in the world. I know what you are thinking. Why the world gets tired again and again from the out dated things? The reason for this is that the world is changing gradually and nothing is permanent in its use and up to dated things is coming in the market to make humans life easier on every scale and aspect in life. When internet was not enough then mobile applications were introduced in which you can get a notification and then details of every happening that is occurring in the world. All a person has to do is select his genre of interest in the application for only once and all the news related to that field will be received by him o his mobile application.

The other question that we face is that how do we know that this news is unbiased or biased. To answer this question our news application ‘qoshe’ steps in. This application provides news from all the channels and the news from different channels is presented to the person in no time to compare and evaluate the results by the person and to choose which side he is on.


History of news:

There was a time when people loved to stay updated from all the news and occurrences that are happening in the surroundings but had no ways of knowing them. In the past there were people such as peeping tom and snitches who transferred news from one person to another. These snitches were mostly killed due to their behaviour but the business was too good to risk all of it. On sending the news the person was pay by the party interested and he went off happy. Very soon news and occurrences were printed on a piece of clay and was hanged in the town centre. This was the earliest way of giving news to the people. In Islam the people published their poetry in a way that they wrote their poetry on the leaves of the date palm and hanged it to the centre of the Makah city to be read by people and to be appraised. This trend was quite common in the history of Islam.


Qoshe provides news related to all the world and if a person selects his area of interest then it will provide him with all the comparable news of the relating genre and so the person is free from the shackles of sitting in front of a television for whole day switching channels in order to compare and contrast between the news. TV sets are now outdated and the innovation has just left them to play consoles in these sets or to use them to connect with laptops with HDMI cable in order to transmit the screen of laptop to a bigger screen.


Now if you are a person who is looking for a perfect mobile application that can give you alerts on all the news that are happening around the world then welcome to the application named as ‘Qoshe’ that can provide you with all the news around the world and not just news but it will provide you with editorials and the comparable links of news to decide for yourself that this news is unbiased or biased. Now this is a true news application that all must have in the name of innovation.

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