Top Camera Applications for Mobile

Although all mobile phones have built-in camera apps installed in them. But still, those camera application does not give the best results. There are many other camera applications available in android and iOS which gives best results of pictures. These applications have a lot of features in them which allows the user to take the best pictures. Because this is the time where everyone cannot take a professional camera wherever they go to this application make it easy for users to take such professional pictures.

Top Camera Applications for Android:

Top camera application for Android is as follows:

Camera F V-5:

Camera F V-5 is considered as the best DSLR camera application for android users. It provides all the features of DSLR camera photography to the users. It is specially designed for people who love photography. It provides you control over white balance and shutter. The application has many advanced features. All features are very easy to handle by the users. The main drawback of this camera is that it only gives good results in paid version whereas the free version does not give good quality. It also gives mutual shutter mode. The price of the paid version of this application is around $ 3.95. Size of this application is very small that is 5.6 MB.

Candy Camera:

Candy camera is one of the best camera application for android mobiles. It is specially designed for those android users which takes a lot of selfies. For those users, this application is best. It gives you a lot of filters to enhance your beauty and to take better selfies than an ordinary camera. It also provides you with a lot of tools which includes makeup tools, face effects and different stickers. You can also take snapshots from this camera. This camera also gives you the advantage of making a collage by using many photos. It is not designed for profession photo takers. It is only designed for ordinary people taking their selfies. It is free to install from the app store. The size of this application varies with the devices.


Cymera is the most used android camera application. Cymera has over 100 million downloads. It astonishes its users by its features which are lenses of the camera, camera stabilizer, timer of the camera and silent mode of the camera. The silent mode allows you to take the picture silently. It is the best camera and has every feature you want to have in your cameras. Such as different filters, picture editing tools, face reshaping and a gallery. Hence it is having many selfie features to take the best selfie. You can also reshape and enhance your face and body features. It is best or ordinary camera users. It is free to install from the app store. The size of Cymera application is 32.8 MB.

Top Camera Applications for iOS:

Top camera application for iOS is as follows:


It is 2 in 1 camera applications. It also provides you with a photo editor with the camera. It is a highly praised application. It provides you with a very powerful camera. It is very easy to use by everyone. It provides you with the best results when you use the photo editor with the camera. It has many features and icons to enhance your photos. To unlock more features of the camera you have to sign in for the pro-level camera. Leaving that the free version of this camera is also remarkable as it is providing camera as well as editor for your photos. It is free to install. The size of the application is 139.4 MB.

Pro camera:

Pro camera is the best app for picture and video capturing. If you like to shoot a large number of videos then this application is best for you. It is similar to other camera application just have enhanced features for video making. This application also provides low light shooting. This application also provides you control on the resolution of the camera and frame rate of the camera. This is a luxurious application for picture and video making. It has very advanced settings. It allows the user to control everything. The price of this app is $ 7.99 on the App store. Size of this app is 129.9 MB

Camera +2:

Camera +2 is a geared up camera application for iOS mobile. The main aim of the application is to make photography easier, professional and fun for the users. Whether you have or not the skills of taking professional pictures by using this camera application you will be able to take good pictures. When you install this application you will find it similar to the application you will be using earlier. It just has few added features to enhance the quality of the pictures. It is not difficult to use. The price of this application is $ 2.99 on the App store. The size of this app is 119.3 MB.


Hence it is concluded that both android and iOS have many featured camera application for the best results of the pictures. These cameras are far better than ordinary mobile cameras with many added feature to enhance the quality of pictures you take from them. Hence by installing them on your mobile, you will get better and desired results of pictures



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