Top Photo Editor Applications for Mobile

Sometimes it happens that photos we take do not remain like that after clicking. Sometimes it is brightness issue and some time the orientation of the picture is not right. To overcome this situation photo editing applications are very useful. They are also useful to enhance your picture in a way you want to make it look good and eye-catchy. Some camera applications also have editing features in them but they don’t work as efficiently as separate editor do.

Top Photo Editor Applications for Android:

Top photo editor application for Android is as follows:

Photoshop Express:

Photoshop Express is one of the best photo editors of android. It provides easy editing of photos. It is having many enhanced features such as filters, many effects, colours and auto fixing feature. It can also handle large files. It also has a noise reduction feature which reduces unwanted grains. This ad-free application. It is free to install from google play store. It also allows sharing of pictures on Facebook. Twitter, WhatsApp and other sites.

PicsArt Photo Studio:

PicsArt photo studio is one of the favourite editors of users. It has over 100 million downloads. It gives you a large number of options to edit your photos. It also has a built-in camera feature. You can share a picture on social networking sites directly from PicsArt Photo Studio. In the free version, you have to bother ads but in the paid version it is ads-free. Other features include collage to join different pictures, draw facility, frames for pictures, stickers and much more.

Fotor Photo editor:

Fotor Photo Editor is the most mentioned application for an edition of photos. It is having many cool features to enhance your pictures. It gives a large number of effects to apply to the picture and to make them better. In this application, you can use more than 10 editing features. These features are used to tackle brightness, exposure, contrast and other things related to images. It also has the feature of making collages. It is free to download from the application store but it contains ads.

Photo Director:

Photo director is a multi-purpose photo editor application. It is a user-friendly application. It does the editing of pictures very quickly. It quickly adjusts the brightness and tone of the pictures. It also has a camera feature where you can edit your photos after taking them on camera. It also has a feature to share a picture on social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and twitter. It can be downloaded free from Google play store but this app contains ads.

Top Photo Editor Applications for iOS:

Top photo editor application for iOS is as follows:


Snapseed is one of the best editors of iOS. It gives controlled editing of the pictures. It gives colour and brightness adjustments to users. It has tools like cropping, rotating and straitening of the pictures. It has filters of many types. It has brushes to give selective adjustments. You can also add frames and text to pictures. It is free to install from the app store.


VSCO is a known editor with a more enhanced film like filters. It creates a beautiful edit of the pictures. It can also adjust brightness and tones of the pictures. It consists of almost more than 130 different filters for a user to make their pictures look presentable. It has many editing tools like cropping the picture, colour adjustment of the picture and sharpness of the picture. It has a built-in camera to take a picture and to edit them side by side. It is free to install.

Afterlight 2:

Afterlight 2 is known for its creative features. It is one of the best editors for iOS. It is best for its unique adjustments. It gives some tools such as selective colours for pictures, curves, gradients and different blending options for pictures. It gives different filters to enhance the pictures. It gives the best blending for pictures. You can also add text and do artwork on pictures. You can buy this app of about $ 2.99 from the app store. It provides many advanced features to enhance the picture. It provides adjustment for brightness and tones of the pictures.


Enlight is one of the best editors for iOS. It is well known to give artistic effects to the pictures. It provides you with selective controls on editing. It gives a blending effect to your pictures. It can crop, rotate, and can correct your pictures in different manners. It can also provide black and white sketch effects to pictures. It is also well known to remove bad effects from pictures. It can also draw frames, text and borders to your pictures. It is a paid application. You can buy this application for $ 3.99. It has many filters to apply on pictures and to enhance them. You can apply effects on certain parts of the picture.


Hence it is concluded that android and iOS have some of the best picture editing tools which are made according to the requirements of the users. They are used by millions of users to make their pictures look good in many ways. Hence it is a useful tool for those who love to take pictures and to make them presentable in many ways.


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